Trevor Lawrence had a forgettable debut for the Jaguars, leading the NFL in interceptions as Jacksonville finished with the worst record in the league. The former No. 1 overall draft pick has much higher hopes for 2022, however, in large part due to the changes he's seen in both himself and team leadership this offseason. Joining Jenny Dell on CBS Sports HQ on Tuesday, Lawrence praised new coach Doug Pederson for fostering trust in the locker room, and said he's grown in his own approach to the game.

"We're building toward something special," Lawrence said. "It's been great, just the way (Doug) interacts with the team, the way he leads. I think personality-wise, we're similar. We get along well. Our demeanors are very similar. ... Obviously he played quarterback, he's won a Super Bowl as a player and as a coach, so he knows how to get there. He knows how to do it. I think that's really important to have in a leader like that. And just the energy he's brought to the building has been awesome, and really building that trust of the team, he's done a great job."

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Pederson is entering his first season as the Jaguars' head coach after sitting out the 2021 campaign, when Urban Meyer lasted just 13 games in the position amid on- and off-field controversy. Lawrence never explicitly spoke about Meyer's conduct during his rookie season, referring simply to the "drama" around his team, but the quarterback added Tuesday that he's personally looking to be a better voice for the organization starting this year.

"I think (last year) really taught me how to stay the same every day, to be consistent," Lawrence said. "Just my attitude, my work ethic, no matter how things are going. I know what it's like to struggle as a rookie. ... Now in my second year, I have a good feel for the schedule (and) can really feel like I'm prepared."

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