Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel has been granted the trademark for the word "COMEBACKSZN." Yes, in all capitals, one word and spelled just like that. The 26-year-old was given this trademark on Oct. 8 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. His attorney Darren Heitner made the news public on Tuesday. Heitner said the message is an inspiring one and is thrilled he was able to be part of the process it getting the word trademarked.

He wrote in a post on Twitter:

"I've always loved Johnny Manziel's mission with "COMEBACKSZN." He said it is for anyone who has been hurt, down & out. Staring the adversity dead in the face, admitting their wrongs & pressing forward with a vengeance. Honored to have helped with registering the trademark."

The trademark grant outlines everything Manziel can put the word on including footwear, hats, and shirts.

Johnny Football, a name he also has the trademark rights to, has big plans for the ownership of the phrase, and he aims to use it on apparel. 

Manziel has used the phrase throughout his career and was using it during his time with the Memphis Express in the Alliance of American Football league, which he hoped would be this comeback he was looking for. 

The league stopped operations in April making Manziel a free agent once again, but comeback season, I mean SZN, never ends for the former Heisman Trophy winner.