In a stunning revelation, Johnny Manziel has been found. In a less stunning revelation, he was found by some shirtless guy who was partying on Instagram. (Well, he wasn't partying on Instagram, but you get the point.) There was a question as to where Manziel was exactly, with the former Browns quarterback having gone full Carmen Sandiego, sans the exploratory stuff.

According to the New York Post, Manziel went missing over the weekend when he was supposed to meet friends and family for a "small party in the Hamptons." He didn't show up for a helicopter ride (?) and ultimately got left.

When you skip out on a Hamptons party and a helicopter ride and people are worried about your life, well, it's reasonable to wonder if everything is alright.

Turns out he is (sort of) alright, and (as you might expect) he's in a night club partying. Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior.

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"Yo, we're partying with Johnny Manziel," the fella on the camera says before turning the camera on a grinning Manziel.

Time is a flat circle, and at the center of it Manziel is just hanging out a bar watching life pass him by. Almost literally.

Making matters even worse is Manziel's continued refusal to handle any issues with which he's dealing. He was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles in April and apparently hasn't handled his business.

On Friday, TMZ captured the owner of the car showing up in New York to ask Manziel for his money:

Asked by TMZ if Manziel has paid for the damage, the owner says, "He's not paying for nothing."

Manziel is communicating, though!

"Yeah I talked to him," the owner said. "I talked and he said he was going to take care of it and then he didn't."

Johnny gonna Johnny. USATSI

There is a list of stupid stuff Manziel's done this offseason so long John Breech of CBS Sports created an entire story devoted to tracking it. Among those things:

Go ahead and add "skipped Hamptons party/helicopter ride" and "allegedly evaded payment of car accident costs" to the list.