Carl Weathers is still quite the showman. (USATSI)
Carl Weathers is still quite the showman. (USATSI)

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The other day, we reminisced about the time Walter Payton and Joe Montana joined the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live in 1987, and looking back at the clip, Payton and Montana both performed pretty well. I mean, they weren't exactly Peyton Manning in a faux United Way commercial, but both were solid.

Which led me to the clip below, featuring former Raiders linebacker Carl Weathers -- who you probably know best as either Apollo Creed or the hand-less golf pro Chubbs or that arm-less dude from Predator or, most obvious of all, Action Jackson.

This, from 2003.

The outcome: Funny work from Weathers.

Also, you should check out Weathers' monologue from when he hosted the show in 1988, which proves that he can sing a little (with a falsetto!), dance a little and grow a tremendous mustache (I also enjoyed this line from Weathers: "Only in a movie could a white man beat a black man who was bigger, stronger, faster and a BETTER FIGHTER!")

But Weathers could also play football, which he proved by spending time with the Raiders in 1970 and 1971. He only played eight games in his NFL career before moving on to the Canadian Football League and then, as you well know, movie superstardom.

As per usual, Weathers is, was and always will be the man.