President Donald Trump has not been shy about sharing his opinion on protests across professional sports, specifically in the NFL.

His Monday morning tweet, which claimed the NFL has "no leadership" after more players protested social injustice during pregame national anthems Sunday, was just the latest in a growing list of statements by the president on the matter. Trump had previously applauded "great anger" of fans who booed those kneeling before and during the anthem in protest of social inequality, and his call at a September rally for NFL owners to "fire" kneeling players sparked rebuke from hundreds of athletes.

When the NFL and NFL Players Association recently met to collaborate on social activism, not to mention to jointly refute Trump's notion that players are protesting America rather than problems within America, it didn't stop the president from resuming Twitter commentary on the league.

In fact, according to Business Insider, only one thing has been the topic of more Trump tweets over the last month than the NFL.

Over the last 30 days, Trump's Twitter account has sent out a little more than 300 tweets or retweets. Of those, 37 (12%) directly addressed the NFL or respecting the national anthem and U.S. flag. That was second only to tweets related to the tragedy in Puerto Rico, which comprised roughly 16% of Trump's tweets during the same period.

To measure the frequency of topics, each tweet was placed into a single broad category. If more than one subject was referenced in a single tweet, an effort was made to pick the subject deemed to be the president's main focus of the tweet. For example, several tweets referenced "fake news" when the tweet's main focus was another subject. These tweets were not categorized with tweets where "fake news" was the focal point of the tweet.

The full breakdown of Trump's Twitter activity? Tweets about the NFL were nearly double the amount of the president's posts on health care. There were approximately 17 less tweets about taxes or tax cuts than there were about the NFL. And Business Insider counted 12 posts on the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting since Trump condemned the protests in September.

Business Insider