Brock Osweiler has not had a good season. He's not completing a high percentage of his passes. He's not getting the ball down the field. He's not throwing touchdowns. He's turning the ball over too much.

In the first half against the Oakland Raiders on Monday night, he looked like a different quarterback. He was making throws into tight windows and moving the ball down the field. Then someone started pointing lasers in his eyes.

Soon after these lasers started hitting his eyes, Osweiler threw an interception on a terrible pass that had almost no chance of being completed. (Yes, we know he did not get picked because of the lasers earlier in the game. He got picked because he's still Brock Osweiler.)

This is not the first time there's been a laser pointer issue at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. United States men's national soccer team goalie Tim Howard once received the same treatment.

The "Monday Night Football" broadcast crew acknowledged that security at the game was looking for the person that was shining the lasers. Personally, I like this guy's theory:

On a serious note, though: don't shine lasers in players' eyes at football games. That's not cool.