One of the best parts about the Super Bowl is that celebrities from across disciplines gather together to schmooze and take photos with each other. On rare occasions, two celebrities meet and create a moment of absolute magic.

Super Bowl LI has already given us one of those moments.

Somehow, some way, Shaquille O'Neal and Simone Biles crossed paths and took a photo together. In case you need to be reminded, Shaq stands 7-foot-1 while Biles is a towering 4-foot-9.

When you put them next to each other, it looks something like this:

Upon closer inspection you'll see that Biles is even wearing heels in the photo. Just incredible.

The photo is remarkable in so many ways, but mostly because it reminds us that world-class athletes come in literally all shapes and sizes.

Apparently 7-foot-6 former Houston Rocket Yao Ming is walking around the building somewhere. Hopefully Biles can track him down and snap a quick selfie.