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Between the 1970s and 80s, a veteran of the Vietnam War lived in a makeshift apartment that was located inside the now-demolished Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, according to a new book. The details of the apartment itself and the stories that happened within are told in "The Secret Apartment: Vet Stadium, a surreal memoir," by Tom Garvey, the 78-year-old whose residence reads like it came out of a sports fan's fantasy.

Garvey claims he was able to get his "apartment" when family members who worked in and around the stadium hired him to run the parking lots outside, which gave him keys to the venue, including a secret entrance.

He then refurbished a concession stand across from his office into the secret residence and held parties with Philly celebrities and fans while doing things the biggest local sports fan could only dream of doing -- such as drugs in the Phillies dugout, or roller skating around the concourse.

"I was like a kid with a Willy Wonka golden ticket," Garvey told the Philadelphia Inquirer, who corroborated his story.

The idea to tell his story in a book came after he began telling stories of the apartment on Facebook as the pandemic began to lift the spirits of his friends. 

The stadium itself hosted the Eagles and Phillies during its lifespan, and the apartment was active between 1979 and 1981, when his uncle's contract with the venue ended.

Veterans was demolished in 2004, and, while there's no physical evidence of the apartment -- Garvey says that he didn't want to take pictures for fear of getting caught -- the Inquirer was able to find some people willing to back up the now-78-year-old's stories, including Eagles Hall of Famer Bill Bradley.