The Broncos quarterback competition is legitimately wide open at this point, even more so after all of Week 2's action gave us no clear answer who should be the No. 1 option. One thing is certain: Mark Sanchez didn't help himself on Saturday night.

And Sanchez knows it, too, telling reporters after the game he played "like crap" and it certainly hurt his chances to take the lead in the race between he, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch.

"I just squandered a great opportunity to separate myself and I put the team in a bad situation," Sanchez said of his turnovers. "There's no excuse for that, poor, poor quarterback play."

There were a couple of moments Sanchez, who came in during the second quarter after Siemian started the game, could have seized. Notably when Denver possessed the ball in the red zone with less than a minute remaining in the half. Instead, disaster occurred.

It was a sloppy game in general, but Sanchez's play was particularly bad, especially since the 49ers handed the ball RIGHT BACK TO HIM after that first fumble. No, no, no. You take the ball .

Siemian stood out in a big way during the first quarter, but started the second quarter by throwing a pick-6 to Eric Reid on a horrible throw. Sanchez could have played a perfect game against a questionable defense and vaulted himself into the lead. Instead he may have buried himself on the depth chart.

"It's difficult playing like crap on two plays and then ruining an opportunity," Sanchez said. "That's difficult."

The really critical part to examine is the unnecessary turnovers. The Broncos aren't trying to find the next 2013 Peyton Manning. They want the next 2015 Peyton Manning, only with less interceptions.

Taking care of the football, managing the game and maximizing scoring opportunities and red-zone efficiency are the name of the game for a team with a solid run game -- both C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker looked good Saturday night -- and a standout defense.

The formula is the same from last year, but there will be someone different operating under center. With the way Sanchez played in Week 2, it's difficult to imagine him as the starter if Gary Kubiak needed to make the decision right now.