Ben Bartch is a D-III football player from St. John's University in Minnesota hoping to live out his NFL dreams. Unlike most Division III players, he is expected to be selected in the NFL draft. But his football journey has been far from easy. Bartch started out as a tight end, playing the position in high school and his first two years of college. He then decided to switch to offensive tackle. In order to change positions he put on some weight.

Before heading to the O-line, the 6-foot-6 athlete put on 70 pounds to be exact. How he did it was the crazy part. 

Bartch's recipe for weight gain was consuming a shake made of seven scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, quick grits, peanut butter, bananas and Gatorade.

In case you have not processed this properly yet, I feel the need to remind you that all of this went into one shake. This was not a meal where he said, maybe I should try eating seven eggs with a side of cottage cheese and grits... this was a beverage made up of all listed above. 

Bartch described his process saying, "Throw it all in and just plug my nose. I'd gag sometimes. But that's what you have to do"

Is it what you have to do? Because I just feel like there are other ways to gain weight. And why not make water the base instead of Gatorade or add in some protein powder? Or at least use real grits. 

Bartch, please never write a cookbook.

I am curious as to what type of Gatorade he used. Is there a Gatorade sommelier who determines what flavors go best with eggs, bananas and cottage cheese? Is lemon lime best with grits or is cool blue more complementary? I have so many questions. 

Despite what people think about his odd approach, it did work. Bartch is now 308 pounds and expected to be picked by an NFL team. So if you are looking to gain a quick 70 pounds, look no further than the formula from Bartch.