Odell Beckham's recent marriage to the kicking net at MetLife Stadium is proving to be an expensive one. Beckham was fined by the NFL for taking off his helmet during a touchdown celebration, which he did just before sprinting to the sideline to propose to the kicking net.

When you have eight catches for 222 yards and two touchdowns, the second of which is a 66-yard game-winner on fourth-and-1, a $24,309 fine probably doesn't seem like that big a deal -- at least not when your salary as the 12th pick in the draft is $2,838,054 and you're about to get married to a kicking net.

"Our relationship is growing," Beckham said of the net, per SportingNews.com. "I thought we might as well make it serious. I proposed and she said yes. Me and the net are going to get married sometime soon. Hopefully it all works out. I'm 23, so I don't know much about marriage. She seems like a pretty nice gal."

Maybe if he and the net get divorced, he'll only have to pay half of that $24K-plus fine? Who knows. Either way, probably worth it.