The Los Angeles Rams are in the process of moving to Los Angeles while also trying to balance the whole "being a football team" thing. 

Part of the latter process involves figuring out who the quarterback for the Rams will be in 2016. Les Snead, speaking on NFL Network from the NFL owners' meetings in Boca Raton, emphasized they are going with Case Keenum as their guy. 

"Right now Case is going to come and be our starting quarterback opening day when we do OTAs. He earned it," Snead said. "We were a slumping football team at the end of last year and he comes in and wins three out of four and basically drove us down to kick a game-winning field goal to win four straight and we missed it."

This is pretty much what Snead said at the combine, with Jeff Fisher echoing it as well. 

Summer of Case. (USATSI)

Nevermind the trade for Nick Foles or the contract extension he got. Or the opportunity to acquire Robert Griffin III. Or the opportunity to draft someone (certainly Paxton Lynch, maybe Jared Goff or Carson Wentz). 

Nope. Case Keenum is the guy after completing 64 percent of his passes and throwing three touchdowns (but just one interception!) and averaging 173 yards per game in four starts down the stretch.

There's no reason to believe anything the Rams front office says right now (after all, around this time last year Sam Bradford was their starter!). Wait until the draft is passed before buying into this idea.

But Fisher's a big proponent of running the ball. Snead preached the ability to succeed without having a franchise quarterback at the combine.

It's possible they're proceeding with this plan as they kick off football in Los Angeles. 

"We're going to start Case Keenum all season" just doesn't pass the say-it-out-loud test.