Considering the cost of the Cowboys' new facility in Frisco, Texas, is going to total roughly $1.5 billion, it's probably best the team finds a few ways to put that facility to use. That appears to be exactly what Jerry Jones intends to do.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys are discussing the possibility of hosting the 2018 NFL Draft with the league. AT&T Stadium, along with the facility, could also be used if the Cowboys earn hosting rights.

The NFL just wrapped up its second consecutive draft from Chicago. But as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell indicated last month, the league will likely look for a new destination beginning next year.

A look at the Cowboys' new Frisco-based and expensive facility. YouTube/The Dallas Morning News

Other than the fact that the draft would be held in Frisco, it's hard to see a reason why the draft shouldn't take place within the Cowboys' new mega-complex, which has been coined The Star. As I wrote a couple weeks ago, construction costs for the Cowboys' new facility will exceed the cost for AT&T Stadium.

From that story:

So, why is it so expensive? Thanks to the Dallas Morning News, we know that it includes a 16-story hotel, an event center, a members-only club, practice fields, restaurants and retail stores, office space and an underground parking garage. The Star also features a 12,000-seat indoor stadium, which will be shared with high school teams, and a sports medicine center, which will be available for public use and will hopefully be able to develop an artificial, superior collarbone for Tony Romo.

The Cowboys, luckily, won't foot the entire bill. They're partnering with the city and the schools, who will act as part owners. According to the Dallas Morning News, the city will be responsible for $60 million and the school district will owe $30 million. The Cowboys will pay for the rest.

Basically, everything you could think of -- stores, restaurants, a hotel -- is inside the facility. Here's a virtual tour, via the Dallas Morning News:

The facility is scheduled to open at the end of August.