Russell Wilson and Ciara were married last month in an English castle, though according to a report, the site near Liverpool wasn't the couple's first choice.

The wedding planner for the couple said that North Carolina, where Wilson played football and baseball at N.C. State, was the first option, but the location changed because of the state's transgender bathroom law.

"I did the whole thing -- three times," wedding planner Mindy Weiss told "They were first getting married in North Carolina, but they called it off due to the transgender bathroom laws. But it was really done."

The couple's second choice was Paris, but the wedding fell during Fashion Week, and that's how they ended up at Peckforton Castle.

Wilson spoke out last month about the responsibility of athletes to weigh in on social issues.

"Well, I think we all have a responsibility," Wilson said. "It's not just on athletes, it's not just on coaches, it's not just on anybody in particular. It's on all of us. I think ultimately it comes down to love and appreciating one another and respect for one another.

"It's an appreciation for society, an appreciation for the country we live in, an appreciation for the towns and cities that we live in. Ultimately, it comes down to all of us to make sure we appreciate one another."

The law, enacted earlier this year, has been heavily criticized. The NBA moved its February All-Star Game out of Charlotte, although the NFL chose to keep its owners meetings there three months later.