The most polarizing sports topic in the country right now, bar none, is the stance Colin Kaepernick took on standing for the national anthem. Kaepernick is either sitting or kneeling during the anthem in protest of social injustice, and other NFL players are following suit.

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, a Nevada teammate of Kaepernick's, was perhaps the most notable addition, because of the timing (opening night against the Panthers), his solidarity (he was alone kneeling) and because of the lost endorsements he's dealt with (a pair of them) since his decision.

Good news for Marshall: he's got a new endorsement.

Russell Simmons, who qualifies as a rap mogul, social activist and founder of RushCard, is actively trying to endorse Marshall.

Credit Marshall for standing his ground on this issue.

His wallet took a big hit with fines from the NFL on helmet-to-helmet hits against Cam Newton. It took more hits with losses of endorsements. And he's still out there donating $300 per tackle to help his cause.

And it might pay off for him because someone, in this case Simmons, is getting his back and trying to work out a deal so he can continue to make his statement heard and not lose endorsement money.