The long and short of Super Bowl prop bets: will Luke Bryan go over or under 127.5 second when he belts the national anthem on Sunday?

Each year the Super Bowl offers tons of drama, and each year some of that drama comes in the form of the national anthem, sung before each game and timed by millions around the globe in order to determine if the singer went over or under the set Vegas time limit.

This year Bryan will sing the national anthem and it appears the offshore books don't exactly have a consensus on the number that the country star is going to hit. has the over/under set for Bryan's version of the anthem at 127.5 seconds, which is, for those that are not mathematically inclined, 2 minutes and 7.5 seconds. They're charging -120 on both the over and under (which is to say, you would need to bet $120 to win $100). is expecting a much longer version from Bryan, checking in at 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Meanwhile, emailed a list of props our way and they are REALLY short -- they have the anthem set at exactly 120 seconds (but the price is -200).

And Mike Tierney over at SportsLine is taking the under on Bryan's version of the national anthem.

So people are all over the place here. What should we expect from Bryan? Let's take a look at some anthems from previous years -- plus what Bryan's done in the past.

Here he is singing the anthem in 2012.

From first note to close, I've got that clocked at just 1:59. Well under.

But, check out Bryan singing the national anthem at a concert to open up U.S. Bank Stadium. In this video he literally bragged on stage about being the first person to sing the anthem in the stadium (clearly he takes it seriously) and after a minute-long intro he kicked the anthem off at 1:24.

He then finished at 3:53. That's 2:29!

So clearly Bryan likes to stretch it out. That doesn't mean that he's guaranteed to do so when the heat is on and the crowd is watching. Plus, there can always be a little controversy with these things. There sure was last year when Lady Gaga sang the national anthem before Super Bowl 50.

Gaga got creative and added a second "Braaaaaaave" onto the anthem as the Blue Angels ripped over Levi's Stadium. It was a great anthem, but no one was sure how to time it.

Eventually Bovada ruled the anthem went under (timing the first "brave" at 2 minutes and 9 seconds) -- I personally had it at 2:29 from first note to last.

We saw Christina Aguilera try and get really creative with the anthem, so cute that SHE FORGOT A VERSE.

Here's Aguilera botching her version back before the Packers-Steelers Super Bowl in January 2011:

Aguilera was going to go way over the number, but sometimes when you leave out a whole verse it speeds things up. The numbers have been all over the place in years past, with Alicia Keys taking 2 minutes and 35 seconds to perform her anthem, while Kelly Clarkson went just 1 minute and 34 seconds.

The early guess here is that Bryan, who has experience singing on a big stage and has shown an inclination to take his time, goes well over the highest total of 2 minutes and 15 seconds.