The worst part about going to a professional sports game is having to buy all kinds of tasty food that costs an absurd amount of money. That issue no longer exists for Atlanta Falcons fans because the team is changing the way it approaches concession prices in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The team announced Monday a pretty revolutionary pricing plan for the stadium that will feature $2 hot dogs, $2 bottle waters, $2 soft drinks -- with unlimited refills!! -- and more.

They even did it in handy GIF form:

The goal of the plan? To set things up where a family of four can come to the stadium for a game and eat for $28 or less.

The best part about it is this includes the Final Four and other major events (hello potential future Super Bowl):

The menu and pricing model - which will allow a family of four to consume the typical game-day purchases for $28 or less - will be in effect for Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United games, as well as major events at Mercedes-Benz Stadium including the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, SEC Championship Game, the College Football National Championship (2018) and the NCAA Men's Final Four slated for 2020. The pricing and product offerings will be the same for concerts, conventions and other special events booked at the stadium.

There will be higher-end options as well at but the unique menu will allow fans to buy tickets to games, take a group of people and not come away with wallets hurting. It's a unique approach and a very fan-friendly move by the Falcons.

Fans can also experience the food before the stadium opens by checking out the MB Stadium food truck that's rolling around Atlanta.

via AtlantaFalcons/Twitter