The biggest pleasant surprise for the Packers this offseason was going to be how much weight Eddie Lacy lost and how good of shape he was going to be in.

Might want to put a hold on the optimism, though, because the initial reports out of Packers OTAs are less than exciting for Lacy's progress.

Asked about his running back, coach Mike McCarthy was less than complimentary (again).

"Eddie's like a lot of our team right now," McCarthy said. "We've got a lot of work to do."

Ouch. McCarthy did add he thinks Lacy "will be fine" and will "hit the target that we're all looking for when the lights come on."

Lacy was listed at 235 pounds last season (OK, sure) but played much closer to 250 pounds. P90X creator Tony Horton -- who Lacy trained with this offseason -- told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel he thinks the back lost "between 15 and 20 pounds" but didn't actually weigh him before or after.

"My guess is that he lost between 15 and 20 pounds," Horton said. "I knew that he had a belly when he started and he didn't have one when he left. And he had much bigger arms, he had much better endurance, his agility had improved tenfold."

Pete Doughtery of Packers News estimates Lacy is probably around "240 or a tad more" now.

Eddie Lacy's weight remains a mystery. USA TODAY Sports

The running back got blasted by McCarthy following the season for his weight, resulting in him teaming up with Horton for some offseason training. Multiple offseason photos showed Lacy looking shredded and skinny.

Lacy's biggest issue, according to Horton, was his diet, which included apparently no healthy food and an excessive amount of alcohol.

"The other thing too was just getting his diet in order. The problem was caused because of a poor diet. That changed. He didn't know that healthy food could taste good. I cooked for him a lot of days. It's not that hard," Horton said. "You make some egg whites and throw some veggies in there. It's not rocket science. He was excited because he learned that you can make healthy food taste really good, so it's easier for him to be more consistent with it. In the past -- he's from New Orleans so there's a lot of really rich foods. He grew up with that. He's a crawfish fan.

"He cut way back on the alcohol, which he learned early on that excess alcohol causes testosterone levels to go down."

Lacy looked outstanding at the end of the 2014 season, prompting many folks to expect a breakout season last year. It was more like a break down season, with Lacy struggling the entire season, finishing with just 4.1 yards per carry and less than 800 yards on the season.

He only topped 100 yards three times on the year and spent most of the season in McCarthy's doghouse. Sounds like he might have a few more pounds to go in order to get all the way out.