Will Newton/Getty Images

Washington won its first NFC East title in six years while debuting a new nickname in 2020, marking a victorious start to the franchise's run as the Washington Football Team. That run is likely to last just one more season, however, thanks to an announcement from the club's official re-branding website. Built in 2020 after the team retired its former moniker that was a slur used against Indigenous people -- and the franchise nickname since 1933 -- the site revealed this week that the Washington Football Team will keep its name through 2021, then unveil a new identity for the 2022 season.

"We've transitioned from our old name," the site reads. "Now it's time to write a new legacy. The future of Washington Football arrives in 2022."

The team has been soliciting fan input since before the 2020 season regarding its new identity, and the club has outlined next steps for the renaming process: "We'll run everything we hear through research to narrow down our choices and find the best approach for our new identity. ... After reaching a decision, we'll work with Nike, the NFL, and our internal team to start bringing that new identity to life on and off the field."

Prior to unveiling its current name, the franchise reportedly narrowed its search to a handful of potential replacement names, including "Warriors," "Red Tails," "RedHawks," and "Americans." Washington Football Team was rolled out as a temporary replacement, but team president Jason Wright hinted during the 2020 season that it would be a stretch to completely finalize a new identity by 2021. That could be in part due to the fact Washington retained its original colors during its transition to the Washington Football Team, whereas an entirely new identity could feature a more substantial redesign.