The 91st Academy Awards are without a host after comedian Kevin Hart stepped down amid outrage over old controversial tweets.

The academy itself has yet to address the vacancy, according to Lindsey Bahr of the Associated Press, but a number of celebrities have already been suggested as replacements.

Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg ... and Gritty.

That's right. The googly-eyed Cheetos Muppet that is the Philadelphia Flyers' viral mascot has actually drawn support as a potential Oscars host, per Bahr, earning Academy Award buzz alongside Hollywood names like Jordan Peele, Patton Oswalt and Will Smith.

Bahr doesn't attribute the proposal to make Gritty host to anyone in particular, meaning the suggestion is likely a joke. But then again, maybe it isn't. As the AP notes, the academy is "trying to combat declining ratings for its marquee event" while also facing pressure from the "shortcomings of the entertainment industry as a whole." And the host job has become "not very desirable."

Who better, then, to lighten up a scrutinized scene than a monster who's done things like crash a wedding, crash himself and inspire disgusting pub fare while becoming the most beloved thing about the NHL this year?

Think about it. If the Oscars wants social media pub, all it has to do is make Gritty the host. And since he doesn't talk, there's an even better chance he won't be run off the stage because of his jokes. It's a match made in heaven, if not a prime example of how silly and ridiculous absolutely everything about this situation really is.