The Bud Light-verse is expanding at an alarming rate, and it's taken over Hockeytown. Penalized visitors are now punished at Detroit Red Wings' Little Caesars Arena by being forced to sit in the "Pit of Misery," thanks to some clever ad placement along the boards under the penalty box.

It's a fun way to add insult to injury if you find yourself sending the Wings on the power play.

The Red Wings have always liked to have a little fun when visiting players get penalized. In the past, they've played the song "Trouble" by Taylor Swift, specifically when T-Swift says she "knew you were trouble when you walked in." This punishment is a little less poppy and a little more medieval.

Fans around the league had to give the Wings some credit.

The Wings, however, aren't the only ones doing this. The Capitals and the Stars are also punishing opponents in the unorthodox way, cruel as it may be.

This confirms that there is a Bud Light multiverse with multiple Pits of Misery.

The Wings open their season at home against the Blue Jackets on Thursday night, so we'll see who will get tossed to the pit first. For the Red Wings, it's the first season post-Hendrik Zetterberg -- which is to say, that clever advertising could be referring to the entire arena before long this season. Until then, however, "dilly, dilly!"