Before the NHL playoffs started, we told everyone the exact reason why they should root for the New Jersey Devils. That reason was because upsets are fun, but there was a more pressing reason for NHL fans to pull for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. And that reason was Patrick Warburton, aka David Puddy of "Seinfeld" fame, who played the calm, collected on-again off-again boyfriend of Elaine Bettis who, like many of the people reading this story, becomes an absolute maniac when it comes to his favorite team.

Puddy made an appearance at Wednesday night's Game 4 at the Devils' Prudential Center in Newark, and when he took off his jersey to show off his chest paint, he looked even more ripped than most Seinfeld fans remembered him.

They're the Devils! And they hit the gym! HISSSSSSSSS.

In true Twitter form, people had a whole lot of fun with the reference, since it was a nice dose of nostalgia -- and Arby's got in on the fun with one of Puddy's iconic quotes.

This is conflicting, because you have to assume Jerry's parents are Lightning fans since they sacrificed themselves to Florida and likely don't know the Panthers exist. But it's hard to go against Puddy.


Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Devils in 7. This is their first Stanley Cup playoffs appearance since losing to the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals back in 2012. But no one will accuse them of not making the most of it. They trail the Lightning 2-1 in the series, and are looking to even things up tonight.