It's bitter cold at the Winter Olympics this year, so it makes sense that Pyeongchang is ready to embrace an idea that might help fight the winter elements by creating some heat via friction.

The 2018 Games in South Korea will provide the largest number of condoms to athletes in Winter Olympics history, according to the South China Morning Post. In fact, the math shows that there will be 37 condoms available for each athlete, as a whopping 110,000 of them will be available to 2,925 participants at the Games. 

That total exceeds the 100,000 that were provided at the previous two Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Sochi. Apparently, an increased threat of nuclear war deserves an extra 10,000 condoms.

Organizers have reportedly made the condoms readily available throughout the Olympic facilities in Pyeongchang. A significant portion of those condoms were donated by a manufacturer to ensure that the athletes were practicing safe sex and could avoid bringing home any sexual souvenirs during their stay in South Korea.

The Olympics will run for a total of 16 days, meaning the athletes will have to get EXTREMELY busy to go through the entire lot of condoms provided. Then again, the Olympic Village is notorious for partying and sexual proclivity in between medal competitions. It's really not all that surprising considering the athlete village is basically a long-awaited overnight camp for young, in-shape athletes with energy to burn, pressure to relieve and almost no supervision. What else would you expect?

And, for the record, the 2018 Winter Olympics' record-breaking condom haul doesn't come close to matching the record for the Summer Olympics, which typically involves a greater number of athletes. The 2016 Games in Rio provided athletes with a grand total of 450,000 condoms. No word on how many of those rubbers were placed over Ryan Lochte's hands as he pretended to be Aquaman.

Anyway, I hope everyone in Pyeongchang has a good time going for gold.