A new contract, a new set of receivers and a new playcaller has renewed optimism in Jackson finishing as a top-five quarterback again. However, comments from him in May about "less running and more throwing" dampens his upside. At least 30.4% (and as much as 35%) of Jackson's Fantasy production in six-point-per-passing-TD leagues have come from his legs, not his arm. If Jackson purposely runs less, his PPG won't be as amazing unless he throws a ton of touchdowns. Given the past two seasons when we've already seen declining rushing touchdown production, below-average completion and touchdown rates in the red zone and 10 games missed, Jackson carries more risk than we're used to seeing. If you can snare him as the sixth or seventh QB off the board, you're doing OK. Just remember: He hasn't averaged over 25 Fantasy points per game since 2019.