David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This is the final rookie-only update for the 2021 NFL Draft class and it comes just days after Travis Etienne suffered a foot injury that is expected to sideline him for the 2021 NFL season. Etienne was a consensus top-six pick in most rookie rankings after the NFL Draft and I had him No. 4 in the most recent update. While there probably aren't many rookie-only drafted remaining, it is worth talking about what Etienne's trade value is in comparison to his classmates and the rest of the NFL.

If you're looking for all of my Dynasty trade values, you can check out the Dynasty Trade Chart, which was just updated on Wednesday. As for Etienne's value, I put out the call on Twitter to see what everyone thought, and got this response back that came the closest to mirroring my own thoughts: 

Myles Gaskin and Deebo Samuel are a bit much for Etienne, in my mind, but everyone else is in the same neighborhood. The nice thing is that Etienne's value should go up throughout the year. Right now a Fantasy manager has to stash him through an entire season, which itself is a cost unless you have unlimited IR spots. There's also still plenty of uncertainty about 2022 and beyond, but we could feel a lot better about that once we start getting reports about Etienne's rehab.

The other factor, of course, is just how good James Robinson is this year. If Robinson repeats his rookie year, then it's hard to imagine Etienne would have more than an ancillary role in 2022, which would hurt his value. If Robinson stumbles, Etienne could have the opportunity to begin 2022 as the starter. 

All of this helps explain why Etienne is the biggest faller in the updated rankings below, but he'd still be a borderline top-12 pick if I was in a rookie-only draft today. 

The rankings below have five columns. From left to right: last update's PPR ranking, current PPR ranking, current non-PPR ranking, current Superflex ranking, and current tight end premium ranking.