The Cardinals hosted the Diamondbacks in their series finale on Sunday (ARI-STL GameTracker), and things got testy early. Arizona's A.J. Pollock objected to a strike three call by plate ump Tim Timmons, and before Pollock could be ejected manager Torey Lovullo came out to save his center fielder. During his argument with Timmons, Lovullo appeared to say something in reference to Cardinals catcher/warrior-poet Yadier Molina (likely with regard to his pitch-framing), which set Molina off and them some. 

Now let's roll tape: 

As you can see, Molina pretty well lost it. He somehow wasn't ejected (Lovullo was the lone casualty in that regard), but Molina appears to shove Timmons at one point. Presumably, that means a suspension will be forthcoming. It's not certain what Lovullo said to set Molina off, but lip-reading and his gestures suggest he made it personal. 

So in essence we had a near-brawl in St. Louis because of pitch-framing. Sometimes even the new school is old school.