In the top of the second inning in an eventual 7-5 Dodgers win over the Indians, Yasiel Puig got the scoring started with a two-run home run. 

Not shown there for obvious reasons is that Puig flipped the ol' bird -- two of them actually -- toward someone or a group of people in the Progressive Field stands. Yes, two very visible middle fingers toward fans.

The gesture happened on Puig's trip back to the dugout after crossing home plate. The area is very close to the on-deck circle, so we can probably do the math, right? People are all over Puig in the on-deck circle about how much he "sucks," he hits a two-run home run and reacquaints himself with them. 

UPDATE: Sure enough, here's his explanation.

A censored version of the gesture:


Well, that's gonna move the needle. Puig's already a polarizing player and many people find that gesture offensive. It was plain as day on TV, and it's a good bet there were kids in the crowd who got at least a very quick glimpse. 

We can't be sure if a suspension will come here. Jonathan Papelbon got seven games for grabbing his crotch toward the crowd, but that seems more excessive. Tigers outfielder Tyler Collins flashed a very quick middle finger toward fans who were booing him last year and wasn't suspended, but Puig's actions here are much more blatant. 

Regardless, it's time for people to start arguing about Yasiel Puig again. Get excited!