Many people have spent the offseason finding clever ways to mock the Houston Astros after the team was investigated and punished over their sign-stealing scandal. Now that baseball is back, fans in attendance to watch spring training action have stepped up their game, bringing signs that call out the team, booing, and yelling out the wrong pitch while the Astros are at bat. One fan's trolling efforts have stood out from the rest.

One fan got New York Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman to sign a fake Astros garbage can. The cardboard bin had an alternate logo with "Houston Trashtros" written on it. 

Take a look at the masterpiece -- I mean sign:

While I am fully aware the Astros mascot is Orbit, at this point it seems like a trash can is the only thing being used to represent the team.

For those who don't remember, or Yankees fans attempting to erase the moment from their memory, Chapman has a closer connection to the Astros than just losing to them in last year's ALCS. It was off a Chapman pitch that Jose Altuve hit a pennant-clinching, walk-off home run to send Houston to the World Series.

That home run also gave us the buzzer controversy, with fans and players, including Chapman, wondering why Altuve was so protective about his jersey not coming off as he was rounding third base. Altuve's excuses seemed to alter as the offseason progressed.

The Yankees have not faced the Astros since that home run, and won't see them until May 15 in Houston. That reunion should be fun!