MLB: World Series-Houston Astros at Los Angeles Dodgers

Major League Baseball is shifting from Joe Torre to former pitcher Chris Young when it comes to deciding punishments for on-field incidents, per the Associated Press. 

Young has been promoted to senior vice president and will oversee on-field operations and umpiring. He reports to deputy commissioner Dan Halem. 

In Young's role, most notably, he'll be the one who decides how many games players are suspended for incidents like intentional pitches toward the head, intentionally hitting batters, fights and the like. 

Torre, 79, stays on board with Major League Baseball as special assistant to the commissioner. 

It'll be interesting moving forward to see if it's Young, instead of Torre, taking press conference questions after controversial plays in the playoffs, such as the Trea Turner interference call in Game 6 of the World Series

Young, 40, was drafted out of Princeton and enjoyed a 13-year MLB career in which he was a one-time All-Star (2007) and World Series champion (2015 Royals). He was hired by MLB in May of 2018 as vice president of on-field operations, initiatives and strategy and now he's already received what looks to be a promotion. 

Young had already become prominent in the hallways at major events, such as the playoffs and the winter meetings. He even sat on a panel during the 2019 winter meetings in San Diego for the press conference regarding the official MLB scientific study of the baseballs. 

He kicked off the Q&A session with the media with the following remarks: 

On behalf of the Commissioner's office, I want to thank the committee for their work on this report. They've completed this project efficiently and made a number of very important breakthroughs, and we're extremely grateful for your expertise and availability to study this incredibly complex issue.

Moving forward, we will continue to work with them as we explore the sources of drag variation in the baseball. We do understand, however, that this is a handmade, hand-stitched process, and the use of natural raw materials creates a variability in the baseball performance that is, to some extent, unavoidable.

In addition to accepting the recommendations of the committee, we'll remain focused on controlling the sources of variability as best we can, including the mudding application process, the shipment, and the storage conditions.

Expect to hear a lot more from Young moving forward, immediately on matters of discipline but down the road I'd expect even more. At just age 40, with that level of education along with his playing background, he seems to be a rising star in the commissioner's office.