Exactly one week ago, Orioles center fielder Adam Jones heard racist taunts at Fenway Park. Regarding the matter, former Red Sox ace and current Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez wanted to note that he doesn't consider the hurler of racist screams a part of the Boston community. 

Via SI.com

"Fenway [is] a place where I feel more comfortable than any other place, more than my own house," said Martinez. "Honestly, I could take a nap in centerfield and feel that I am right at home, so it shocks me a great deal that Adam Jones was called something like that at my field. I don't think that is someone who belongs at Fenway, at my field. He is not a true Bostonian. The true Bostonians support their people, regardless of who they are, and they are great people and I'm proud of my Bostonians. I'm extremely shocked that someone used Fenway Park to offend the feelings of all of us, including Adam Jones."

I agree, Pedro, that this clown doesn't belong in Fenway Park. There is absolutely no place for personal attacks on players, especially including the screaming of such vile language like the n-word. It's actually pretty sad we're even having the discussion in 2017. 

As I've said before, we can all be in this together. If anyone around us at games is saying anything out of line at all, that person is the enemy. Get him or her ejected (hopefully for life).