The race for the NL West is finally over, and the Dodgers are on top after a win Monday over the Rockies. Suffice it to say, few people were feeling it more than 91-year-old former Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda. Lasorda managed the Dodgers from 1976-1996, winning two World Series in the process. So, as one of the most influential Dodgers ever, he had to be in on the locker room festivities.

Players love being joined by legends of the team. Look at how the Brewers treated Bob Uecker after clinching a playoff berth. The Dodgers' reaction to Lasorda was no exception.

You've gotta hand it to him, he knows how to party. He was rocking the goggles too, and players paid tribute to one of the best.

Seriously, it looks like 26-year-old Manny Machado is having a rougher time than Lasorda.

Machado, who joined the Dodgers mid-season, seemed to be happier than anyone on the team to meet Lasorda -- and Lasorda seemed equally thrilled to meet Machado, waiting for him to be finished with his postgame interview.

It's been an incredibly tumultuous season for last year's NL champs, but the Dodgers are looking to do some damage again this year. Despite the struggles, they now have a clean slate in October. Just imagine the Lasorda celebration if they manage to go all the way this year.