The adage "time heals all wounds," does not apply to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. At least not yet.

Since Durant decided to sign with the Warriors in the offseason, the two sides have not been on speaking terms. This is likely because of how the partnership on the court ended. Durant texted Westbrook that he was leaving, which left the Thunder All-Star guard "angry and hurt," because he had put himself out there, promising to change his game if K.D. re-signed with Oklahoma City.

Durant, however, swears that he and Westbrook are "cool." Yet that doesn't seem to be the case as Westbrook has seemingly trolled his former teammate in two Brand Jordan commercials and with his pregame attire when the Thunder played the Warriors earlier in the season. Adding on the trash talk that was exchanged between the two in that game, and it is pretty clear to see that their relationship will never be the same. That's why according to ESPN's Chris Haynes, the two have still not talked to each other since last summer.

From Haynes:

"It's never going to be a regular game for me," Durant told ESPN in advance of his second go-around with OKC. "I'm just going to play. There's nothing serious. We got the first one out the way, and we're just going to play the next game."

Discussing the game itself is as far as Durant is willing to go. As for an update on whether there has been any communication with Thunder guard Russell Westbrook since that early-season contest, Durant is not going down that road.

"I talked about that already," Durant adamantly said. "I'm not talking about that right now. Anything about the game, I'll talk to you. All that other stuff, I don't have anything to say."

The two still haven't spoken.

It is kind of crazy to see how quickly the friendship between Durant and Wesbtrook has dissolved. They may not have been the best of buds off the court, but they had a a great on-court relationship and played extremely well together.

Yet as their former teammate Kendrick Perkins once said, Westbrook and Durant never truly valued each other. And now things have gotten so bad and tense that on a friendship level, they will likely never ever get back together.