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In the midst of Kyrie Irving requesting a trade from the Nets, other teams around the league are far more interested in the availability of Brooklyn superstar Kevin Durant, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. This isn't surprising in the slightest, with Irving likely headed out, it may trigger Durant also wanting out of Brooklyn, and if that's the case every team in the league will be calling the Nets to try and land K.D. 

It's unclear at this time how Durant views his status with the Nets, but he requested a trade from Brooklyn last summer, so there's a chance he could do it again. When Durant requested a trade from the Nets this past offseason he listed the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat as his preferred trade destinations. Phoenix tried to center a trade around Deandre Ayton to Brooklyn in exchange for Durant, but the Nets weren't interested in Ayton. Ultimately, Durant rescinded his trade request after smoothing things over with Brooklyn's front office, but with this latest bump in the road, it could put the thought of leaving Brooklyn back in Durant's mind. 

If Durant asks for a trade, it's going to take a lot for inquiring teams to land him. Think of what it took the Minnesota Timberwolves to get Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz and keep adding. Despite currently being injured with an MCL sprain, Durant is the type of player you sell the house for. He's the most lethal scorer in the league when healthy, his length and size makes him a nightmare to guard and all of that lankiness makes him a tough defender on the other end. Depending on the team, he automatically lifts you into the championship conversation, and it's not every day those types of players become available.

Durant is in the first year of a four-year, $198 million contract extension that he signed in 2021, so if he does become available a lot of teams are going to have to do some mental gymnastics to figure out how to make room for him. But if you have a shot at landing him you absolutely try and figure it out. 

We'll have to wait and see if Durant is the next domino to fall in Brooklyn, because if he is then we're in store for a very chaotic trade deadline on Feb. 9.