What would the NBA be without Twitter? It really makes the down time almost as exciting as watching the games.

First there was Monday's whole Eric Bledsoe "hair salon" saga with the Phoenix Suns, and now there's a brewing beef between Wizards center Marcin Gortat and the Los Angeles Lakers' most famous dad, LaVar Ball.

What? LaVar Ball in a public feud? Hard to believe, I know.

It all started with LaVar's comments following the Lakers' 119-112 loss to the Pelicans on Sunday. After discussing Lonzo's performance, he pretty much guaranteed that the Lakers will win Wednesday's game against the Wizards.

"[The Wizards] better beware cause Lonzo ain't losing again," LaVar said. "Not in the same week!"

LaVar making an outlandish claim is nothing new (see: Lonzo is better than Steph Curry, Lakers will make the playoffs this season, all three Ball boys will play for the Lakers, etc.), but was interesting was the response from Gortat. He took to Twitter to say that All-Star point guard John Wall will "torture" Lonzo for 48 minutes.

Lonzo was held in check on opening night by Clippers guard Patrick Beverley, who seemed to take quite a bit of pleasure in shutting down the much-hyped rookie. But in the two games that have followed Lonzo has put up solid numbers, averaging 18.5 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds over that span.

For what it's worth, Wall said that he does feel LaVar has put a target on his son's back.

"I think his dad put him in a situation where guys are going to target him," Wall said on the Wizards Tipoff podcast, referencing LaVar Ball. "Lonzo is one of those kids that is very talented. He's been a good player for years, he just don't say much. I think his dad does all the talking for him."

The consensus seems to be that Lonzo is a great person and nobody blames him for his father's outrageous statements, but it doesn't appear that will stop NBA  point guards from trying to "torture" him for 48 minutes every time out.