Tom Brady has maintained in recent years, over and over again, that he plans to play football into his 40s. The Patriots reportedly believe him -- not that they have any reason not to.

On Sunday, just hours before Brady goes for his fifth Super Bowl ring, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that the Patriots will try to reach a contract extension with Brady next offseason because they believe he'll play for another 3-5 years. And that, of course, means Jimmy Garoppolo has no real role in New England.

Again, no one should doubt Brady's ability to play into his 40s. For one, he put up MVP-caliber numbers in a shortened season at the age of 39, setting the NFL record for the best touchdown-to-interception ratio (28 touchdowns and only two interceptions) and earning the highest quarterback grade in the Pro Football Focus era (since 2006).

He also plays for the greatest coach in the history of the game (Bill Belichick). Furthermore, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will still be around in the near term after he declined to take a head coaching job. The point being, barring a severe injury, there's no reason to believe that Brady is suddenly going to morph into Brock Osweiler.

With that being said, look at what happened to Peyton Manning last year, when he was so bad he really did get benched for Osweiler. When the end comes for old all-time greats, it tends to happen suddenly. So, we should appreciate Brady while he's still operating at peak efficiency, because there's no way to guarantee he'll be able to sustain this level of play for much longer. At some point, he'll turn into Osweiler. It happens to every great athlete.

Anyway, Brady's current contract runs through the 2019 season, so the two sides have plenty of time to reach another agreement.