Andy Reid has drawn up some legendary plays throughout his Hall of Fame career, designs that have led to 221 regular season victories in 22 seasons. But perhaps his "coolest play" came from an unexpected source back when Reid was an assistant coach with the Green Bay Packers

Reid has always been an information gatherer, so when someone presented an idea -- he embraced it. 

"I had a janitor in Green Bay give me a play," Reid told 610 Sports KC's "Fescoe In The Morning" on Thursday. "And he was bugging on me every week. He'd come in every week and tell me, 'I've got this play, I've got this play,' so I told him to draw it on a card. 

"So I gave him a big card, one that we used to show the scout team players what to run for that week. So he drew the play up, and he did have 12 guys on there, but the concept was actually very good, so we ended up putting it in. ...And we dial this play up, and this stinkin' play scores a touchdown.

"That was probably the most fun I've had with a play, was watching that whole thing. And then trying to explain to coach [former Packers head coach Mike] Holmgren that this play came from the janitor and he's going, 'You're out of your mind.'"

Reid admitted the play wasn't "Wasp," the famous 3rd-and-15 play in Super Bowl LIV that led Kansas City to its first title in 50 years. 

Reid could have used the play again on a lot of different occasions, especially since he's been instrumental in calling plays over the last 25 years. Reid has always enhanced his formations and spiced up his play calling over the years, even if the basic concept remains the same. No plays of Reid's go into the garbage; he just recycles them for future use. 

Having Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback certainly helps.

"This guy can do it all," Reid said. "There's not a whole lot that's he's not good at nor wants to be great at. He wants you to throw everything at him and he wants to try it. ...We got a whole load of stuff that he can look at and devour -- and see what he's good at. You keep bringing things to the table and we try to give him things that can challenge him, so he can rise a little bit and we can take into a game and use it." 

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