Last week, small and shifty Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen compared himself to one of the most explosive players in the NFL. Cohen showed early last season that he's equally capable of making big plays out of the backfield and on the perimeter, and given that his new coach is former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy, Cohen decided to draw from Nagy's past when describing the type of impact he can have on the Bears' offense. 

"When I was at the combine, coaches would always ask me who I would compare myself to in the league," Cohen said, per The Chicago Tribune. "And I would always tell them Tyreek Hill. I feel that I can do the same kinds of things he does in the Kansas City offense. And now since we have their coach now [in Nagy], I feel like I have to live up to that. And I definitely look forward to being the same kind of playmaker."

Nagy himself is at the NFL combine this week, along with most of the other coaches and executives around the league. During his combine-opening press conference, Nagy was asked about Cohen's comparison. While he doesn't believe it's necessarily an exact match, Nagy was sure to note that the two players have some similar traits. 

"Well, No. 1, size-wise you see that and you say, 'OK, they're pretty similar, right?'" Nagy said, per "And then you have the speed, the shiftiness, the moves, everything that they do. They're similar in the fact that you can move them around and do different things. 

"As you see on tape, the one thing if you go back and look at simple numbers, you're going to see that Cohen can run the ball a little bit more from the backfield. Not that Tyreek can't. So they're different. So I don't think it is fair to compare them but I do understand why people compare them, and for me, I am very excited to coach both of them and look forward to working with Cohen."

Nagy is pretty much right on there. Cohen is a natural running back whereas Hill is a natural receiver, so there will be some differences in the distribution of the two players' touches. But the elements of speed, change-of-direction skill, and versatility are present in both players, and it would not be a surprise to see Nagy unleash the fullest extent of Cohen's skill set next season.