It was almost two years ago to the day that Bill Belichick stood in front of reporters and told them he wasn't interested in rehashing the blowout loss to the Chiefs, and instead he was "on to Cincinnati." The circumstances are different now -- yes, the Pats are coming off a blowout loss, this time to the Bills, but they're also getting Tom Brady back after his four-game Deflategate-fueled exile.

Even still, Belichick isn't interested in living in the past, and is instead moving on to the other NFL team in Ohio.

Here's a sampling of Thursday's press conference, via's Kevin Dillon:

Q: A lot of fans seem to think that the suspension -- or are hoping the suspension -- will kind of inspire Tom and the rest of the team to play even harder and with more intensity. What do you think about that?

BELICHICK: I think our team needs to prepare well this week and go out and play well against Cleveland. That's what we need to do.

Q: Coach, a lot of fans - many fans - say they feel fortunate to come away with a 3-1 record without Tom Brady. Do you feel the same way?

BELICHICK: Right now, our focus is on Cleveland. Trying to get ready to go in Cleveland. We can't do anything about whatever it was or wasn't in the last four weeks, we're onto the Cleveland week and that's all our focus is. Not worried about last week, not worried about next week, not worried about last year, we're worried about this week against Cleveland. That's it, period. This week -

Q: Your record affects the rest of the season, so isn't that a net positive?

BELICHICK: We're focused on Cleveland this week. Period. Cleveland.

Just so we're clear, Belichick is on to Cleveland.

In related news: Poor Cleveland. The Brady Revenger Tour is officially underway.