The Bills continue to be one of the most interesting teams in the NFL this offseason. Even when they don't have a quarterback, it's still a battle worth watching. And it's a battle apparently won by Tyrod Taylor.

The Bills made it official Monday, making Taylor the Week 1 starter for the Bills.

This might not be entirely shocking. Matt Cassel, acquired from the Vikings this offseason, has been pretty terrible for Buffalo so far in training camp (although he has completed 86.7 percent of his passes in the preseason!). 

EJ Manuel hasn't been much better and essentially set things up for the Bills to either gamble on Taylor or play it really safe on Cassel.

Rex Ryan isn't a play-it-safe guy and it's clear he's willing to let Taylor, who has looked sharp running and throwing in the preseason, try and become one of the biggest surprises of the 2015 NFL season by winning the job and elevating the Bills offense.

The Bills aren't going to hang their hat on Taylor; this is a team that's built on defense and running the ball. If those two aspects of Buffalo's game are above average, Taylor can be a caretaker who makes plays with his feet and doesn't snuff out drives unnecessarily.

And if he's capable of doing that the Bills could become a dangerous team. 

Tyrod Taylor wins the Buffalo gig. (USATSI)