Apparently that private security team Jerry Jones paid for didn't do its job. Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory has been suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, it was announced on Friday.

Gregory failed a drug test at least year's NFL combine, after which he reportedly asked teams to provide him with a security detail to help keep him out of trouble after he was drafted. That failed test reportedly entered him into the league's substance abuse program, which means he likely failed three more tests (assuming this violation, like the previous one, was for marijuana) to get this suspension.

He was considered a top-10 talent, but fell all the way to the Cowboys late in the second round. He then specifically made the same request of the Cowboys after they tabbed him.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said at the time that it was the team's responsibility to help Gregory overcome his issues.

"We think his football character is very good," Garrett told NFL Network. "He practices hard, he plays hard. ... Obviously, there are some off-the-field concerns with him. To test positive at Indianapolis (at the NFL combine) for drugs is an issue. It's a red flag.

"But we spent a lot of time with him. We spent a lot of time with people who know him, have been around him. And we got our arms around the fact that, at the right selection, he could be someone we feel like we could bring into our organization. With the right support system -- from the coaching staff and from other people that we have -- we could get him on the right track.

"Again, we feel like he's a very talented guy with very good football character. We have to help him with some of the off-the-field stuff and we're excited about that challenge."

Less than nine months later, Gregory has been suspended for four games for the same violation. That's a big blow not only to his career, but to the Cowboys' pass rush as well. Gregory had his rookie season derailed by a high ankle sprain suffered in Week 1 and never really got back on track after his return. He should have entered next season as a rotation regular across from DeMarcus Lawrence on the defensive line, but now he'll have to wait at least four weeks to even get on the field.

Randy Gregory will have to sit out for a while. (USATSI)