Don't look for Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with the Jets anytime soon. At least that's the word from Eric Decker.

The Jets wide receiver, who's good friends with Fitzpatrick, was asked this week if he thought the Jets and Fitzpatrick would eventually work things out, and he didn't give an answer that will thrill Jets fans. Decker seems to believe the two sides will eventually come to an agreement, but that might not happen until training camp begins in July.

"Right now, it's a business and they're so far off in dollar amounts but Ryan wants to be back, they want Ryan back. Something is going to happen," Decker said, via "It might be before training camp, the day or two before, but I believe that he'll be back on the team come this fall."

On the other hand, Decker does sound confident that a deal will eventually get done: The wide receiver offered a simple four-word answer when he was asked who the Jets starting quarterback will be in their regular-season opener against the Bengals.

"I believe it's Fitzpatrick," Decker said.

Decker hasn't been shy about sharing his feelings recently. In a separate interview this week, Decker emphasized the importance of getting Fitzpatrick on the field.

The wide receiver believes that the veteran quarterback gives the Jets the best chance to win this season.

"We have the pieces right now to win," Decker told SiriusXM NFL radio. "I just think we need to plug [Fitzpatrick] in, we need to move forward. Again, the organization has to make the best decision for them long term, but as players, we know what's going to give us success and that's why we want him back."

Decker's feeling a sense of urgency because he knows that Jets' offense isn't getting any younger.

"We found the formula last year that worked for us," Decker said. "And we don't have a lot of years left offensively. I think Brandon (Marshall's) older, I'm getting older, we've got (Matt) Forte now, he's getting older."

Decker is 29, while Forte is 30 and Marshall is 32.

Anyway, Decker is so serious about wanting Fitzpatrick back that he actually ripped the Jets for spending a second-round pick on a quarterback (Note: Jets fans also hated the pick).

If Fitzpatrick and the Jets don't reach an agreement, not all will be lost. Decker said he "thinks" the team can trust Geno Smith, but he didn't sound sure.

"We have to set the bar high. And Geno was progressing, he was doing a great job before the incident in the preseason and I think we have trust in him," Decker said. "Our defense is great so we know we have the capability to put those numbers up."

As of two weeks ago, the Jets and Fitzpatrick were $6 million to $8 million apart in negotiations. If that number doesn't shrink soon, the Jets might have to start training camp with Smith running the show.

Eric Decker would like to see Ryan Fitzpatrick back in a Jets uniform. USATSI