On Friday night we learned the NFL and NFLPA set the salary cap above $155 million. Which means we now know the franchise tag and transition tag numbers. 

They're calculated based on a complicated formula -- CBS Sports' Joel Corry previously calculated the numbers based on a predicted salary cap. The cap ended up being higher than even the most optimistic of obvservers could have expected, meaning the franchise tag numbers are up too.

Official franchise tag numbers, 2016
Position Franchise Tag Transition Tag
Cornerback $13,952,000 $11,913,000
Defensive End $15,701,000 $12,734,000
Defensive Tackle $13,615,000 $10,875,000
Linebacker $14,129,000 $11,925,000
Offensive Line $13,706,000 $11,902,000
Punter/Kicker $4,572,000 $4,123,000
Quarterback $19,953,000 $17,696,000
Running Back $11,789,000 $9,674,000
Safety $10,806,000 $9,116,000
Tight End $9,118,000 $7,713,000
Wide Receiver $14,599,000 $12,268,000

Yes, all linebackers fall in the same category and, yes, all linemen fall in the same category as well. It's silly and it needs to be fixed, but it'll have to wait until the next Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Leap Year (Monday is February 29) gives teams an extra day to decide on using the franchise tag: the deadline to place the tag on players is March 1 at 4 p.m. ET. 

The Ravens already informed kicker Justin Tucker they were using the tag on him.

It's expected the Bears will use the franchise tag on Alshon Jeffery, while the Panthers (Josh Norman), Broncos (Von Miller) and Redskins (Kirk Cousins) are likely candidates as well. 

Von Miller could very well get the tag from the Broncos. (USATSI)