The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to have to do without one of their best defensive players for at least a few days. All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey announced on Wednesday that he'll be absent from the start of Jaguars training camp, but for the best of reasons: the birth of his daughter. 

Ramsey's daughter was born Wednesday, which is the day after his brother celebrated his own birthday, Ramsey noted. 

"For me, family is among the most important things in my life, along with my faith and football. Today starts a new chapter in my life, as Bre and I are blessed to welcome our baby into this world," Ramsey wrote on Twitter, "With that said, I want to let everyone know that I'll be in Tennessee with my family, and as soon as I'm comfortable knowing my family is healthy and happy, I'll return to Jacksonville to rejoin my teammates on our quest to handle some unfinished business. Appreciate all the love and support."

First things first: congrats to the Ramsey family! 

Second things next: Ramsey missing the start of camp to spend time with his family is admirable and not at all a big deal in the grand scheme of the NFL season. He'll likely be in camp within a few days and get ready to play out the season with the Jags, who should once again be one of the inner-circle contenders in the AFC, largely on the strength of the Ramsey-led defense. We should expect another excellent season from the All-Pro corner, who has quickly blossomed into one of the best players in the game.