Mere hours after releasing a teaser for a documentary in which he states that he is considering holding out rather than signing the franchise tag, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry has reportedly changed his mind. According to a report from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Landry informed the Dolphins Saturday night that he will indeed sign the tag, and do so imminently. Rapoport's report seemingly confirms an early report from's Josina Anderson, who reported that Landry would sign the tag as early as next week. 

According to Rapoport, Landry's signing of the tender is a precursor to a probable trade. 

The tag will pay Landry approximately $16.2 million for the 2018 season. Any team trading for Landry would likely be doing so with the intent to sign him to a long-term extension (why do it otherwise?), and it seems unlikely that Landry would accept a deal that contains less than $35.6 million in guaranteed money. (That's the approximate total value of this year and next year's salary if Landry were to play both seasons on the tag). 

Landry is a somewhat polarizing player due to his enormous catch totals (400 through four seasons, an NFL record) but low yardage totals and lack of touchdown production prior to this season. He played primarily in the slot early in his career, but has begun to show more formation versatility over the last couple seasons. Opinions vary on whether his role as almost strictly a short-area receiver in Miami is a product of his limited skill set, the design of the offense, or both; we could be about to find out if Rapoport's report of an imminent trade is correct.