Jerry Jones recently stated that the best way to handle all the drama around the Tony Romo situation in Dallas was to "cool it" with the public comments. He barely lasted a week without talking about it.

Jones went on a Nashville radio station this week and again talked about the difficult position the Cowboys are in with their quarterbacks this offseason. It's so difficult, he said, that he should get a big promotion if he figures out a way to make everyone happy.

"Whatever really comfortable solution for all parties here, if I can come up with it, . . . if I have that answer, I should be President of the United States," Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News.

The only comfortable solution for all parties appears to be a trade, given that Romo is said to want a starting job and that the Cowboys have committed to Dak Prescott as their quarterback of both the moment and the future. Romo's age and injury history make him more difficult to trade than his skill level suggests, but the quarterback market this offseason is not exactly brimming with high-quality options.

If Jones can figure out a way to make everyone happy, that'd be great, but it's probably not worth a promotion to the White House.