It doesn't look like Johnny Manziel will be collecting anymore paychecks from the Cleveland Browns. Although Johnny Football was due to make roughly $2 million in guaranteed money over the next two years, he's not going to see a dime of it.

According to Pro Football Talk, the remaining guaranteed money in Manziel's rookie contract was voided before the Browns cut him on March 11, which means he won't see any of the remaining $2.173 million that he was supposed to get over the next two years.

If you're wondering why Manziel was supposed to get any money at all, it's because of the way his rookie deal was structured. When Johnny Football signed his rookie contract with the Browns in 2014, the four-year, $8.247 million deal included $6.702 million in guaranteed money.

Although most of the guaranteed money came from the $4.318 million signing bonus that Manziel received, there were also several other guarantees in the contract.

For instance, Manziel's 2016 salary of $1.169 million was supposed to be fully guaranteed whether he was on the team or not. The quarterback was also supposed to have $1.004 million of his 2017 salary guaranteed.

Johnny Manziel might not feel like making the money sign anytime soon. USATIS

Theoretically, the Browns were going to be on the hook for that money no matter what, unless Manziel broke one of the clauses in his contract, which is apparently what he did.

According to PFT, the Browns were allowed to void the final two years of Manziel's guaranteed money if he got in trouble for any of the following reasons: "A suspension imposed by the league under any policy; a suspension imposed by the team; failure or refusal to report, practice, or play; or leaving the team without prior written consent."

Manziel's probably now regrets the fact that he agreed to any of that.

Although PFT didn't know the exact clause that Manziel specifically broke, there's a good chance that it happened after his January trip to Las Vegas. Before the Browns' game in Week 17, Johnny Football headed to Sin City and didn't tell the team he was leaving.

Manziel's suspension didn't play a role in the voided money because he had already been released by the Browns by the time NFL punishment was handed down on June 30. The NFLPA never filed a grievance in the case, which means they likely felt the Browns had an airtight reason for voiding the remaining guarantees.

Anyway, someone probably forgot to tell Johnny he won't be getting the money because he's had an expensive offseason. Here's a brief list of what he's done over the past six months:

Despite the voided money, Manziel's bank account probably isn't hurting just yet. The first-round pick earned roughly $5.53 million during his two years with the Browns.