Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl 55 LV
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Patrick Mahomes missed an opportunity to unseat Tom Brady as the GOAT with a loss to the legendary quarterback in Super Bowl LV. Brady isn't ready to write off Mahomes' chances of dethroning him just yet. 

Brady still believes Mahomes could be the quarterback that can catch him in Super Bowl appearances and break all of his records, per LeSean McCoy -- a teammate of Brady and Mahomes over the past two years. McCoy opened up what Brady thinks of Mahomes on the "All Things Covered" podcast with Patrick Peterson and Byrant McFadden -- including a similarity between the two quarterbacks that make them great every year. 

"I think Tom Brady, when he looks at other quarterbacks -- from young and old -- he feels Pat will be the only one that gets it, that will have a shot," McCoy said. "For example, most quarterbacks -- they take the money. Tom didn't do that. Tom saved that and (was) fiscal with his players. 

"Pat's the same way. He knows 'I'm only going to be as good as my team.' So now, I find a deal where I can pay my defensive end, defensive tackle that can get pressure on the quarterback. pay my superstar tight end (Travis Kelce), pay Tyreek Hill. You can do that when you don't take all the money. 

"He always talks like that. 'Mahomie gets it. He's the dude that wants to be the greatest.' Pat's got a great chance -- and he's started so early." 

Mahomes is still on an excellent pace to unseat Brady, even though he didn't join Brady as the only quarterbacks to win two Super Bowl titles in their first four seasons -- something Brady likes to spoil (just ask Russell Wilson). Mahomes is still the youngest player to win NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP while having the most passing yards (14,152), passing touchdowns (114), highest passer rating (108.7) and fewest interceptions (24) through a player's first 46 starts. 

Here's another look at how Brady and Mahomes stack up through their careers thus far:

Passing yards per game

  • Brady -- 263.1
  • Mahomes -- 307.7

Touchdown passes per game

  • Brady -- 1.93
  • Mahomes -- 2.48

Wins per season 

  • Brady -- 12.05
  • Mahomes -- 12.33

Yards per attempt

  • Brady -- 7.5
  • Mahomes -- 8.4

Passer rating 

  • Brady -- 97.3
  • Mahomes -- 108.7

No surprise Brady still has Mahomes on his radar, even though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. This might be a reason Brady is trying to play as long as he can.  

"He can play four more years," McCoy said. "He'll probably play two, but he can play four."