If you fell asleep due to boredom, you might've missed the most exciting play from the Rams-49ers game on Monday night. It involved Blaine Gabbert scrambling for 2 yards and Aaron Donald tossing his helmet after the officials tossed him from the game.

Let's break it all down because, well, there's not much else to break down from the most boring blowout in the history of football (the 49ers ended up winning 28-0).

So, after Gabbert fell to the ground, Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree took his time getting off Gabbert and stepped over him. Gabbert took exception to that and a scuffle ensued.

During that scuffle, Donald grabbed the back of Quinton Patton's neck.


Patton obviously didn't enjoy that so he turned to confront Donald, who responded by shifting his hand to Patton's facemask.


And that's when Donald took off Patton's helmet, sending it flying. After Donald was ejected (for contacting an official, not for the helmet toss), his helmet also went flying.


And that wraps up the most exciting Rams' play of Monday night in a game that went like this: