Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports

It's never over until it's actually over. When it comes to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, that statement is true on two separate but not mutually exclusive fronts. On one hand, his reported threat of never again suiting up for the team is now over -- nearing an agreement with the club on a reworked contract that will void the 2023 season and allow him more say in his future as early as next offseason, along with other concessions that include an inability to be franchise tagged. On the other hand, as noted, we will all be revisiting this situation in likely less than a year from today which means that, on the whole, it's not actually over.

After all, the stage is now definitely set for either a trade next offseason or a[nother] historic extension (there will be no in-between).

Both sides will cross that 2022 bridge when they come to it though, because the focus at the moment is on the Packers celebrating the return of the reigning NFL MVP, with Rodgers officially reporting to training camp on Tuesday after having skipped both OTAs and mandatory minicamp. And here's footage of the arrival in the event you need to see it to believe it which, considering just how toxic things got this offseason in Wisconsin, no one could blame you if you did.

"We have been working tirelessly with Aaron and his representatives to resolve the issues he raised this offseason and we remain hopeful for a positive resolution," Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst told shareholders on Monday, ahead of the news of Rodgers' return landing. 

"We want him back," added team president Mark Murphy. "We're committed to him for 2021 and beyond. We're looking forward to winning another Super Bowl with him."

The "and beyond" portion of that comment is to-be-determined at this point, but the Packers can enjoy escaping a hole they dug for themselves when they drew what was viewed by Rodgers as a line in the sand with the selection of quarterback Jordan Love in 2020. Love took snaps as QB1 in the OTAs and minicamp absence(s) of Rodgers, but that stops now. He'll return to backup duties effective immediately, because the five-time All-Pro and three-time league MVP is back in the building.