New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has appeared in hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of photos. It comes with the territory of being a famous football coach. 

When you win the Super Bowl five times as a coach and spend your life on the sideline of NFL games, you are going to be photographed often.

And that's doubly so for someone like Belichick, who has done whatever the opposite is of embracing public attention. So it's borderline stunning to see the man known as "the Hoodie" appear on the cover of Nantucket Magazine looking like he's James Bond.

That's exactly what Belichick did for the 15th anniversary of the magazine, with he and girlfriend Linda Holliday appearing on the cover as "America's Winningest Team" in what is a presumably a longform article about how awesome their lives are. 

The idea of Nantucket Magazine and Belichick in a checked blue blazer is fairly hard to reconcile with Belichick the gruff football coach who loves the idea of a rain-soaked practice especially when media members are forced to sit through a long, wet question-and-answer session.

But Belichick gets a bad rap. His style has evolved as he's gotten older, sort of like a fine wine. He's funnier than anyone gives him credit for. And Belichick has good taste, is a smart dude and has plenty of money. He's also involved with a woman who has a real sense of style and motivation. It's pretty clear she's brought the best out of Belichick in terms of popping him on a popular, swanky magazine cover and making him look like a secret agent.